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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 04 March 2010 00:16

Alkyd Facts & Fiction

Fiction: The Masters used linseed oil paints, so they must be superior to alkyd.

Fact: Oil paint was new once too, even when some of the masters were painting with it. Artists have always been interested in improving their art through new materials. The fact that the old masters used oil does not necessarily make it better. AlkydPro was not a choice at the time. Many old masterpieces are now cracked and yellow thanks to linseed oil based paint.

Fiction: Alkyd Resin is not capable of holding as much pigment as traditional oil.

Fact: This may have once been true, but this is no longer the case. AlkydPro paints have very high concentrations of pigment.

Fiction: Alkyd paint is not archival.

Fact: Alkyd resin was originally designed for outdoor uses. AlkydPro is made to last through blaring sun and pouring rain..performing above and beyond the controlled conditions of a gallery. Non-yellowing, non-cracking.

Last Updated on Friday, 05 March 2010 17:00