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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 04 March 2010 17:29

C.A.S.Paints are certified and labeled in conformance with ASTM D 4236


We have made every effort to make our paints as safe as possible, but certain precautions are advised. If you are already using oil paints, mediums and mineral spirits, you will find no practical difference in the safe studio habits needed for our alkyds. As with all paints, when using our products it is important to follow safety guidelines. Please read the following list and maintain safe studio habits.


• Always work in a well- ventilated area. Because of the very low-odor of the paints, you may or may not notice a smell, but remember ventilation is still needed.


• AlkydPro products contain a very small amount of odorless mineral spirits. Store materials away from heat, sparks or flame.


• This paint is not to be used or handled by children. If children have access to your studio, keep paint out of reach or in a closed cabinet.


• Always read paint labels/warnings of each paint. Different pigments may contain different information. Colors that are marked "Do Not Spray Apply" should not be inhaled in any form, this includes dust from sanding. If sanding a dried painting, wear respiratory protection.


• Please respect the environment and clean up/dispose of appropriately.


• Please note that any general precautions that apply to oil paint also apply to alkyds.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 April 2010 13:01