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Since I paint as the"old Masters", that is indirectly - opaque paints under and glazing medium over, I find working with fast drying alkyd paints a bonus. I am used to working with straight oil paints. To glaze I had to wait over a week before I could apply glazes. I overcame this hurdle by working on about five paintings at a time. Now, with fast drying alkyd (CAS)paints, I don't risk losing the creative spark when working on an individual painting, since only a couple of days will now be necessary for the next step. Tom Brand, IN
I'm very pleased with the quality of your AlkydPro paints - especially with the amount of pigment in them. I started using Winsor Newton's alkyd paints as soon as they began marketing that product and have been increasingly frustrated when they started to diminish the amount of pigment in each color. They are all but useless to me now except for a few things. The development of a new brand of fast drying oils is a real pleasure for me and probably others who make their living from their work." Kathleen Eaton, IL
I've always preferred alkyds because oils dry too slowly and are difficult to transport in the field. Acrylics dry too fast for most outdoor conditions and also dry darker than the wet color appears, making them much harder to use. In the past, I've used that other brand of alkyds (hint - begins with "G"), which are adequate but seem more of a student grade paint regarding pigment load. I've also used regular oil paints mixed with an alkyd medium to speed drying, but that's tedious and takes additional time that's precious in the backcountry. The C.A.S. Alkyds seem ideal for field or studio use. I have not used them outside yet, but I have tested them in the studio and am very pleased with the pigment load and selection, and the drying time is a good compromise of workability and the need for overnight drying. The feel of the paints on the brush seems excellent and consistent in my tests, and I look forward to using them outdoors. I expect that these will be my paints of choice in the future. Jesse Venable, AK
I find your paints superior to any other fast drying alkyds or oils that I have used over my 40 year career as a professional artist. You have developed a paint line that is revolutionary in it's performance and quality. My long struggle with inferior fast drying oils has ended thanks to C.A.S. Alkyd Pro Paints that allow a greater output from my studio due to the fast drying rate. Certain colors in your line are uniquely outstanding such as Buff Titanium Gray, Ocean Blue, Pthalo Turquoise, Scarlet Ochre and my favorite, Transparent Oxide Orange which is perfect for glazing, tinting, and modifying other colors when a touch of warmth is needed. Frank Wilson
I have tried alkyds in the past and went back to traditional oils and the slower drying times because the alkyds lacked the rich pigment found in the professional grade oils. Then I found CAS and I have been so impressed by their deep rich clear pigments and I love the drying time. Thank you for creating a truly professional grade alkyd! Deborah Boyet, SC
I now paint exclusively with alkyd paint. The colors are just as vibrant and the alkyd paint dries overnight. C.A.S. alkyd paint is now my only choice because they have so many colors to choose from. The other companies that carry alkyd paint have a limited number of colors. Also, C.A.S. carries larger tubes than the others. I'm glad I found them. Bobby Goldsboro, FL
I used your fast drying gel medium on a recent trip to the Ruth Glacier in the Alaska Range. It worked superbly. I thinned with odorless thinner and used the gel medium to accelerate drying of oil paint on 2 72" w x 44" h canvases done entirely on location. The temperatures ranged between zero to 40 above Fahrenheit. Thin coats of paint done during the day were dry in a couple of hours. I plan to use your paints in place of the W&N Griffin line in the future. Thank you for doing such a good job. You can see examples of my plein-air work on my web site at Bill Brody, AK